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[teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10061″ title=”EMIX Aluminium Column Speaker” subtitle=”WS-710, WS-720, WS-730 and WS-740″ link_url=”http://wasap.my/601156267669/EMIX+Column+Speaker/”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10077″ title=”IVA 2-WAYS LOUDSPEAKER” subtitle=”rX-10MK2 / rX-12MK2 / rX-15MK2″][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10081″ title=”IVA UHF Wireless Microphone” subtitle=”UX-4P UHF”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10088″ title=”IVA VOCAL MICROPHONE” subtitle=”DM-250 Professional”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10092″ title=”IVA 225W Karaoke Speaker” subtitle=”IVA KS-4310″][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10096″ title=”BETA58A VOCAL MICROPHONE” subtitle=”DYNAMIC CARDOID OEM MIC”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10102″ title=”IVA 2-ways Loudspeaker” subtitle=”rX-10″][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10106″ title=”IVA Digital Power Amplifier” subtitle=”DPM-2.15 / DPM-4.9 / DPM-4.13″][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10110″ title=”IVA 500W @ 4 Ohms Power Amplifier” subtitle=”M-5.0MKII 2 x 350W @ 8 Ohms “][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10113″ title=”IVA Touring Series Power Amplilfier” subtitle=”Pro-18 1100W smooth sound”]
[teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10062″ title=”EMIX 5“ 6W Round Flare Box Speaker” subtitle=”1W / 2W / 3W / 6W” link_url=”http://wasap.my/601156267669/Emix+Wall+Speaker”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10078″ title=”IVA SUBWOOFER SPEAKER” subtitle=”SUB-118B / SUB-218B”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10082″ title=”IVA UHF Wireless Microphone” subtitle=”UX-34D UHF”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10089″ title=”IVA Dynamic Cardiod Microphone” subtitle=”IVA 1900ND Stage / Speech”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10093″ title=”IVA Karaoke Amplifier” subtitle=”IVA KA-250″][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10098″ title=”IVA DIGITAL SPEAKER MANAGEMENT” subtitle=”PRO-26DX”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10103″ title=”IVA 12 2-ways Loudspeaker” subtitle=”rX-12″][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10107″ title=”IVA 1100W @ 4 Ohms Power Amplifier” subtitle=”M-11MKII 2 x 700W @ 8 OHM”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10111″ title=”IVA 700W @ 4 Ohms Power Amplifier” subtitle=”M-7.0MKII 2 x 450W @ 8 Ohms “][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10115″ title=”IVA UHF Wireless Microphone System” subtitle=”PRO-UD2 Advance Dual Channel”]
[teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10063″ title=”EMIX 20“ 60W Outdoor Horn Speaker” subtitle=”20 inch horn with a 60W driver” link_url=”http://wasap.my/601156267669/Emix+Horn+Speaker+60W/”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10079″ title=”IVA FULL RANGE LOUDSPEAKER” subtitle=”DP-15MKIII”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10086″ title=”IVA digital wireless microphone” subtitle=”U2002C HH/HW/CL Series UHF”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10090″ title=”IVA Wired Microphone” subtitle=”IVA 346 / 6207″][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10094″ title=”IVA 500 Watts 2-Way LOUDSPEAKER” subtitle=”DP-12MKIII”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10099″ title=”IVA Powered Mixer” subtitle=”PM-12MP3″][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10104″ title=”IVA 15 2-ways Loudspeaker” subtitle=”rX-15″][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10108″ title=”IVA 300W @ 4 Ohms Power Amplifier” subtitle=”M-3.0MKII 2 x 200W @ 8 Ohms”][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10112″ title=”IVA Touring Series Power Amplifier” subtitle=”PRO-12 700W “][teaserbox type=”4″ img=”10116″ title=”IVA UHF wireless microphone” subtitle=”UF2C Series Digital UHF”]

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